Game in a nutshell

​You will Receive a role the first night. Eliminate all roles that appose your win Condition.

Game in ​Detail

Mafia is a game  of social deduction. While there are many factions there are 2 primary factions. being the Mafia and the Town.


The game is divided into rounds of 3 phases that repeat. 

  • phase 1 is the night (actions) phase.
  • phase 2 is the day (discussion) phase.
  • phase 3 is the evening (lynch) phase.

The phases will repeat until only one faction remains.

  • During the night phase players will not be able to communicate (except for the ​Mafia ) and will do any night actions they have. (such as kill a player)
  • During the day phase players will discuss. What you discuss will change on what your role is. (the ​Town will want to find out who the evil roles are. and the ​​Mafia will want to throw players off the ​​Mafias tracks.).
    • What can be discussed is completely open. and any truth or lie is allowed (though what you should do will vary based on role)
    • you may NEVER ​give external proof of your role (except for the mayor). For example a Doctor is not allowed to send a screenshot of their card to the other players. this will result in death by the Moderator
    • However this does not include internal "proof". For example an Investigator may say "player X is a mafioso". this truth would be revealed when player X was killed. ​Thus backing up the Investigators claim.
  • During the Lynch phase players may Vote on each other. if a player gets so many votes they will be put on trail. when on trail they will get to defend themselves without Interruption.  
    • after their defense players get to vote if they believe the accused player is innocent or guilty. If they are voted innocent then they stay in the game. But if they are voted guilty they will by lynched.

​End game

While there are nuances that may change things. By and large rounds Will progress until only one faction remains.

  • Example one: 3 Town and 2 Mafia are alive at the start of a round. the game will progress to another round.
  • ​Example two: 2 Town and 2 Mafia  are alive at the start of a round. ​The Mafia wins because their condition was met. (equal or outnumber the townies)
  • Example three: 2 ​Town and 0 ​Mafia  are alive at the start of a round. the Town Wins because their condition was met (eliminate all evil roles)

There are two types of win conditions. being absolute and ​independent.

  • ​Independent win conditions can win with other independent and absolute wins Conditions.
  •  ​Absolute win conditions can win with ​Independent win conditions. but cannot win with other ​​Absolute wins
  • Example one: 2 ​Town, 2 ​​Mafia  , and a jester are alive: the game keeps going
  • Example two: 2 ​Town are a live with a lynched jester. the game ends in a ​Town ​and jester win.
  • ​Example three: 2 ​​Mafia  and 1 Serial Killer are alive. the game keeps going.

The Town

Win Condition: Absolute

​The Town is an uninformed Majority. So while they have the most players they Won't know who any of the other players are. Thus Town players need to work ​against the clock to learn who they can trust and to kill all ​evil roles that can harm them. (they do not have to worry about passive roles such as jesters. as Jesters cannot harm the town in the night)

  • ​Townie

  • ​Odd neighbor

  • ​Peaceful Townie

  • ​Spiteful Townie

  • ​Host

  • ​Survivor

  • ​Investigator

  • ​Lookout

  • ​Sheriff

  • ​Deputy

  • ​Doctor

  • Body Guard

  • ​Mayor

  • ​Veteran

  • ​Vigilante

Role name





​Use deduction to find out who the other townies are. ​Eliminate all players that mean the town harm.

Additional info

  • ​While you don't have any powers as a townie, You have the power of voting. ​It is going to be the jobs of players with abilities to try and ​convince you of truths (or throw you off the trail). so your job is to try and find the truth.
  • evil roles will try and claim the Townie role because it has no night action and thus has no responsibility. be weary of such claims.

The ​Mafia

Win Condition: Absolute

​The ​Mafia is an informed minority. As such they need to work as a team to create confusion for the town.

  • ​God Father

  • ​Mafioso

  • ​Consigliere

  • ​Cleaner

  • ​Blackmailer

Role name

​God Father




​Work with the other members of the Mafia to kill all other factions.


  • ​Vote on who the Mafia Visits in the night.
  • If votes for targets are tied. You will break the tie.
  • You will ​​appear good to the Sheriff.

Additional info

  • ​You are the leader of the Mafia team. Try to cordinate and prioritize targets.​

​​Neutral Roles

​Neutral roles are only aligned with their own needs and can work for or against any other alliance as it suits their needs.  Some roles can win along side others. So forming packs might be a good idea if it helps you achieve your goal.

  • ​Jester

  • ​Serial Killer

  • ​Wisenheimer

  • Yandere

  • ​Cupid

  • ​D3rp

Role name




​Win Condition



​Get yourself lynched in the day.


  • ​​If lynched you win.
  • ​If lynched you get to kill someone that voted guilty on you.

Additional info

  • ​​Try to ​appear evil to the town. But be careful not to oversell it.
  • ​If possible try to work with the mafia to have the town lynch you. But know that the Mafia is indifferent to you. So they may not help.
  • Because your win is independent, it can be smart to try and hint your role to non town members in an effort to get lynched in exchange for killing a ​Town member once you are lynched.
  • ​Getting killed in the night does not count as a win.  
  • ​One strategy is to try and sell yourself as an evil role trying to be good.