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Heyo world.

Progress is being made on the project.

Online mode is now implemented. Players can connect to a host player. The host will then distribute the players across the ghost. The game will then synchronize the monsters and survivor across all instances. I was also able to test desync recovery unexpectedly. I had a friend test a remote session when his internet had a hitch, while it did lag it recovered wonderfully once the lag spike finished! (totally planned that 100%!)

I was also able to add bot controlled ghosts. The bot controlled ghosts will make up for any lacking players so that way there will always be 3 monsters.

On top of that I also have a theme in mind. Space and monsters. So the ghosts will be replaces by monsters and the Pac player will be an astronaut trying to collect power cells. My idea is the monsters are nocturnal. So when the power comes back on after the astronaut collects all the power cells they become blinded and go into a weakened state. This would also cover the power ups. I figure they would turn the lights on partially and would power a weapon that the astronaut would carry.

Not bad for a weeks worth of work! All and all I would say I am on track.

To do list

  • Add different views for the astronaut and the monsters respectively.
  • Add the power pellets and regular pellets
  • Add a score mechanism.
  • Create art assets.

Till next time!

Lets start things off.

So recently I have been going stir crazy with Pacman VS. It’s a really fun take on Pacman and a super fun party game. However sadly it has not been widely released. Yes it’s on the Switch now, but only as a part of the game it’s in, and it’s still offline. What if I wana play that online!?

So I decide like a crazy man to do a fan project. While I will keep similar mechanics I will do custom art assets for it.

“But that’s not very creative”! I might hear someone say. “Why not do an original game?” The answer is simple. I REALLY wana play Pacman VS online! in all seriousness tho I don’t see a fan game as a bad thing or a wasted endeavor. A fan project can be a good starting point for learning outside your coding comfort zone. because I already know the rules of the game I don’t have to spend a lot of time figuring things out. Also if the developers really did not want it to happen they would fill the need they have created with their own work. I am surprised no one has done a clone of the game yet. So I figure why not?

So far I have the maze load and have added the classic Pacman movement style. My to do list is as follows

  • Add the online code
  • Add different views for the pac player and the ghosts. (theme pending)
  • Add the power pellets and regular pellets.
  • Add a score mechanism.
  • Create art assets.

Sure there will be more things than listed. But I feel these points summarize what will be needed. My deadline is the end of March. I will be sure to post updates as they come and will aim for a weekly post.

See you around!

First blog post!

Hello World!

Now that that is out of the way I want to thank you for checking out my blog. On top of that I want to thank you for checking out my site! I am not sure what I will use this for. But I hope to post about future projects and possibly maybe interview other indie developers. But that stuff is down the road. For now This is just me saying hello!