Lets start things off.

So recently I have been going stir crazy with Pacman VS. It’s a really fun take on Pacman and a super fun party game. However sadly it has not been widely released. Yes it’s on the Switch now, but only as a part of the game it’s in, and it’s still offline. What if I wana play that online!?

So I decide like a crazy man to do a fan project. While I will keep similar mechanics I will do custom art assets for it.

“But that’s not very creative”! I might hear someone say. “Why not do an original game?” The answer is simple. I REALLY wana play Pacman VS online! in all seriousness tho I don’t see a fan game as a bad thing or a wasted endeavor. A fan project can be a good starting point for learning outside your coding comfort zone. because I already know the rules of the game I don’t have to spend a lot of time figuring things out. Also if the developers really did not want it to happen they would fill the need they have created with their own work. I am surprised no one has done a clone of the game yet. So I figure why not?

So far I have the maze load and have added the classic Pacman movement style. My to do list is as follows

  • Add the online code
  • Add different views for the pac player and the ghosts. (theme pending)
  • Add the power pellets and regular pellets.
  • Add a score mechanism.
  • Create art assets.

Sure there will be more things than listed. But I feel these points summarize what will be needed. My deadline is the end of March. I will be sure to post updates as they come and will aim for a weekly post.

See you around!

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